At the Moutains of Madness

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Artikelnummer NA0090
Barcode 9781843795940
Veröffentlichungsdatum 29.10.2012
Kategorie Hörbücher
Label Naxos Audiobooks
Format CD
Anzahl an Tonträgern 4
Komponisten Lovecraft, H.P.
Künstler Roberts, William
CD: 1
1 I: I am forced into speech because men of science. 09:16 Roberts, William
2 As the newspaper told, we sailed from Boston Harbo 10:02 Roberts, William
3 Wireless reports have spoken of the breathtaking.. 08:01 Roberts, William
4 II: Popular imagination, I judge, responded active 11:28 Roberts, William
5 In the morning I had a three-cornered wireless tal 08:23 Roberts, William
6 Lake was not content to let his first message stan 06:09 Roberts, William
7 11:30 P.M. Attention, Dyer, Pabodie, Douglas 08:02 Roberts, William
8 The sensations of Pabodie and myself at receipt 12:04 Roberts, William
CD: 2
1 III: None of us, I imagine, slept very heavily... 09:42 Roberts, William
2 This modd undoubtedly served to aggravate my react 07:54 Roberts, William
3 It was approximately 4 P.M., after wide plane crui 10:05 Roberts, William
4 IV: It is only with vast hesitance and repugnance. 10:54 Roberts, William
5 In spite of all the prevailing horrors, we were le 11:29 Roberts, William
6 V: I think that both of us simultaneously cried ou 08:57 Roberts, William
7 Looking back to our sensations, and recalling our 09:56 Roberts, William
8 We crawled through one of the windows... 08:04 Roberts, William
CD: 3
1 After a time we came across a row of windows... 05:22 Roberts, William
2 VI: It would be cumbrous to give a detailed, conse 09:39 Roberts, William
3 As I have said, all furniture and other movables w 08:47 Roberts, William
4 VII: The full story, so far as deciphered, will ev 08:55 Roberts, William
5 Being nonpairing and semivegetable in structure... 08:07 Roberts, William
6 They seem to have become peculiarly intracable... 07:10 Roberts, William
7 VIII: Naturally, Danforth and I studied with a spe 11:28 Roberts, William
8 In the end it seems to have been the neighboring a 09:14 Roberts, William
9 IX: I have said that our study of the decadent scu 10:04 Roberts, William
CD: 4
1 But we could not convince each other, or even ours 09:57 Roberts, William
2 About 9.30 P.M., while traversing a long, vaulted 06:20 Roberts, William
3 X: Many people will probably judge us callous... 10:02 Roberts, William
4 Entering the tunnel we saw its outline... 08:52 Roberts, William
5 XI: Still another time have I come to a place... 06:53 Roberts, William
6 And now, when Damforth and I saw the freshly glist 09:55 Roberts, William
7 The fact that we survived and emerged... 07:36 Roberts, William
8 XII: Danforth and I have recollections of emerging 07:44 Roberts, William
9 All was well with the plane 06:47 Roberts, William
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