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Heyer, Georgette - The Spanish Bride

Lieferzeit: Sofort versandfertig
Artikelnummer NA0180
Barcode 9781843798538
Veröffentlichungsdatum 01.12.2014
Kategorie Hörbücher
Label Naxos Audiobooks
Format CD
Anzahl an Tonträgern 12
Komponisten Heyer, Georgette
Künstler Collins, David
CD: 1
1 The Spanish bride 05:22 Collins, David
2 A castle, poised upon a hundred-foot rock... 06:24 Collins, David
3 He had got his company in February... 07:08 Collins, David
4 His fall seemed to have no ill-effects upon Harry 09:40 Collins, David
5 A double ration of grog was served out to the men. 05:56 Collins, David
6 Dusk, and the consequent slackening of gun-fire... 06:53 Collins, David
7 The volley from the British troops was answered... 06:12 Collins, David
8 At the top, the surviving officers were re-forming 08:45 Collins, David
9 It was soon discovered that the abandoning by the 07:59 Collins, David
10 As the day wore on, the carnage in the town grew w 08:29 Collins, David
CD: 2
1 When the living had been disentangled from the dea 06:13 Collins, David
2 The taller woman led her shrinking companion strai 06:15 Collins, David
3 Señora, my word of honour as a gentleman... 06:49 Collins, David
4 A treasure invaluable 09:01 Collins, David
5 His lordship, happily for Brigade-Major Smith... 04:23 Collins, David
6 But he was careful to explain it all to Juana. 06:15 Collins, David
7 But on the 8th April, when his lordship stood at t 05:32 Collins, David
8 No honeymoon for the bride... 07:08 Collins, David
9 Harry had got a woman belonging to a man... 08:46 Collins, David
10 They had a fortnight. They marched into Spain... 05:26 Collins, David
11 And since when will you have been owning a wife? 04:54 Collins, David
12 If Harry showed no sympathy, there were others who 03:22 Collins, David
CD: 3
1 Tom Smith thought that Harry ought to teach his wi 04:53 Collins, David
2 Early in May, Major-General Baron Charles Alten... 03:29 Collins, David
3 Salamanca 09:51 Collins, David
4 Lord Wellington rode into Salamanca that day... 07:55 Collins, David
5 It was not until 28th June that the Light division 07:45 Collins, David
6 Kincaid had fallen in love with the sexton's daugh 09:49 Collins, David
7 Kincaid, who had been sent on picket the previous 04:50 Collins, David
8 The undulating country lying between Trabancos and 05:56 Collins, David
9 When the dawn came, however, all was quiet in the 06:13 Collins, David
10 He reached up a hand to clasp one of her wrists. 06:45 Collins, David
11 Vandeleur's headquarters for that night were fixed 07:19 Collins, David
CD: 4
1 But West had already taken Juana to the rear... 04:02 Collins, David
2 Juana, who had taken up temporary quarters in a po 05:13 Collins, David
3 As they rode towards the rear of the Light divisio 06:14 Collins, David
4 Madrid 09:10 Collins, David
5 The Smiths had rejoined the division in time to sh 07:04 Collins, David
6 But although famine reigned in the background... 05:09 Collins, David
7 There was every facility for dancing. 06:38 Collins, David
8 When Sir Rowland Hill's force arrived in Madrid... 09:30 Collins, David
9 The leading column of the division reached Alcala 08:13 Collins, David
10 It was distressing, marching away from Madrid... 07:15 Collins, David
11 They got to Peñeranda painfully, by shocking roads 05:04 Collins, David
12 The rain began to fall again on the 15th November 03:18 Collins, David
CD: 5
1 Although the army had had plenty of opportunity of 05:27 Collins, David
2 The centre column, of which the Light division... 05:18 Collins, David
3 The Padre, dragged out of the river farther downst 05:19 Collins, David
4 The bivouac was the worst imaginable... 09:15 Collins, David
5 Winter quarters 07:51 Collins, David
6 It would be a long time before the army could forg 07:35 Collins, David
7 By Christmas, everybody, except those who still fi 05:57 Collins, David
8 By the New Year, all the sierras were white with s 07:25 Collins, David
9 Mr. Larpent was unable to agree with him. 06:57 Collins, David
10 They were never going to quarrel again, not even w 09:57 Collins, David
11 By April, four of the invalided Generals had retur 04:07 Collins, David
CD: 6
1 In May, the news that the headquarters servants... 02:28 Collins, David
2 All ready for the march? When do we rompé for it? 07:48 Collins, David
3 By the 7th June, the division had come in sight of 07:01 Collins, David
4 Juana sat at the window of her lodging, watching t 07:42 Collins, David
5 Vittoria 07:06 Collins, David
6 The so-called plain of Vittoria, on which, after m 07:04 Collins, David
7 By the time the Light division, traversing the hig 06:43 Collins, David
8 The situation of the brigade was uncomfortable... 03:43 Collins, David
9 It was not until two and three in the afternoon... 06:50 Collins, David
10 The brigade being allowed a breathing-space while 07:29 Collins, David
11 He brought in the news that one of the French Gene 08:35 Collins, David
12 Although the division had been ordered to fall in 02:51 Collins, David
CD: 7
1 The search through the kit-bags failed to discover 04:25 Collins, David
2 All the next day the army plodded and waded its wa 05:12 Collins, David
3 He followed the Spaniard out of the room, and wait 05:12 Collins, David
4 The brigade left Offala next morning without Harry 06:58 Collins, David
5 Harry told him curtly to continue along the road.. 06:26 Collins, David
6 Skerrett 08:56 Collins, David
7 Everyone voted Ugly Tom a capital fellow... 05:05 Collins, David
8 The army, inactive above the mountain passes... 08:29 Collins, David
9 Not until late in the afternoon on the following d 07:01 Collins, David
10 Crawling up the abominable track, their heads almo 06:32 Collins, David
11 The sight of the retreating column whipped up... 03:54 Collins, David
12 They marched that morning, the brigade miraculousl 06:56 Collins, David
CD: 8
1 He was quite as good as his word and a few days la 04:59 Collins, David
2 On the 25th August, the regiment's birthday... 05:14 Collins, David
3 He had to shout to make himself heard above the no 08:25 Collins, David
4 Leaving the battalion getting ready to retire, he 08:26 Collins, David
5 Colborne 05:18 Collins, David
6 If I were you, I would not pay too much attention 05:24 Collins, David
7 From the window of the cottage which had for so lo 06:32 Collins, David
8 But the brigade, in spite of having possessed them 08:39 Collins, David
9 The baggage arrived during the morning... 06:46 Collins, David
10 Oddly enough (for frequent hail-storms alternated 06:46 Collins, David
11 Harry was agog with excitement at the prospect... 08:50 Collins, David
CD: 9
1 Never had the Light division engaged on a more glo 09:49 Collins, David
2 By two in the afternoon, Clausel's troops were ret 09:10 Collins, David
3 But, in the end, all their anxious care of the goo 07:14 Collins, David
4 With the recovery of her pet, Juana's spirits rose 09:29 Collins, David
5 Barnard 06:37 Collins, David
6 In January, upon its becoming known that General S 07:00 Collins, David
7 On the 21st of the month, Wellington was with Hill 06:38 Collins, David
8 His lordship wrote in his dispatch that the attack 09:47 Collins, David
9 They spent the night lost in the billows of a feat 06:20 Collins, David
10 Brigade-Major Smith's duties kept him busy until a 05:40 Collins, David
CD: 10
1 Barnard was, in fact, so delighted with her exploi 08:31 Collins, David
2 If the truth were told, Lord Wellington was by no 08:05 Collins, David
3 The worst arranged battle there could be: nothing 05:56 Collins, David
4 Those who expected Lord Wellington to launch a fin 05:31 Collins, David
5 At the end of the month, the division was moved aw 07:49 Collins, David
6 Juana looked so much more cheerful at the prospect 06:40 Collins, David
7 Harry did not reach Pauillac until the following d 06:20 Collins, David
8 England 05:23 Collins, David
9 He said he felt a fool in milliners' shops... 05:10 Collins, David
10 With the departure of Tom for Whittlesey... 06:47 Collins, David
11 Laboriously spelling out this news in the Gazette. 05:51 Collins, David
12 Just as she was wondering whether she could with p 04:34 Collins, David
CD: 11
1 Both George and Kincaid were going home on leave.. 08:40 Collins, David
2 During the afternoon of the 20th September... 08:49 Collins, David
3 Harry was up long before Tom Falls in the morning. 08:10 Collins, David
4 I hope to God it is! But oh, the times I have sigh 07:53 Collins, David
5 As though a reunion with his wife, and a visit to 06:42 Collins, David
6 Madame Dupont met them at the door of No. 11 06:24 Collins, David
7 Did he like her? He adored her. 07:49 Collins, David
8 Waterloo 07:52 Collins, David
9 A most painful period of anxiety had ineed to be l 05:13 Collins, David
10 Hardly had England had time to recover from the ne 09:34 Collins, David
CD: 12
1 He had meant it all for the best, of course. 06:43 Collins, David
2 It was not many days before Harry heard from Lambe 06:52 Collins, David
3 When they reached Ghent, they found that Sir John 05:11 Collins, David
4 Harry used to wait on Sir John Lambert every morni 05:40 Collins, David
5 The march south was a little disturbing. 04:54 Collins, David
6 The rain continued all night... 07:35 Collins, David
7 She had galloped quite a mile beyond Mailnes befor 06:21 Collins, David
8 We used to suffer from them a great deal in Spain. 06:11 Collins, David
9 While the family was seated at breakfast next morn 07:55 Collins, David
10 Distracted, she began to ride from one grave to an 06:54 Collins, David
11 And Napoleon is romped, really romped? she cried. 05:47 Collins, David
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